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We consider ourselves some of the best deck builders in Auckland. We have worked extensively with a wide range of decking materials and systems including hidden fasteners (no visible screws!) and composite decking products. Talk to us to get an idea of the material and system that will best compliment your property and personal tastes.

Enhance your outdoor space by adding alfresco living area to entertain your family & friends.

A deck for summer 'barbies' is as kiwiana as gumboots and stubbies. From the typical staggered patterns, to hidden screws and complex detailing, we've done it all and we've done it well.

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Decking Specialists

Deck building is (should) be an art. At Built It, we pride ourselves on our precision, attention to detail, and efficiency. A deck is an extension of your home and should be built with the same standard of care.

The humble pine deck has long been a staple of New Zealand's outdoor entertainment areas. However there are a multitude of deck options available, from more  aesthetic and longer lasting hardwood options to composite products, as well as a variety of hidden fastener and decorative screw options.

It's no secret that deck building attracts 'cowboy' builders - a lot of low-lying decks do not require building consents. While the decking itself may be well laid initially, it is the lack of knowledge about the necessary treatment classes of the timber and fixings beneath the deck that lead to the rapid deterioration and short life span of these outdoor spaces, ultimately leading to higher future costs of replacement.

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Ethical & Sustainability Considerations

Built It tries to work with materials that sustainable and ethical where possible, and decking is an area where there are particular ethical and sustainability matters that should be considered when choosing your product.

We would appreciate being afforded the opportunity to talk through options and any impact on material cost with you before choosing a particular product, so you can make an informed decision.

Trusted Auckland Deck Builders
Speak with our Past Clients!

We will happily offer our opinions as to the best materials and systems that will best compliment your space. Our photos of past work will help you to best visualise the many different timber and detailing options.


But don't just trust our word for it! We also have many past clients who would be happy to speak openly and honestly about the particular system used in their own project, and their overall experience with Built It. 


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