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Wooden Stairs



We provide all aspects of carpentry service completed efficiently and to the highest standard. From the smallest of fences to complete remodelling, we take pride in outright customer satisfaction.

Bespoke solutions for all your internal and external carpentry needs.

Wardrobe Fit Outs, Custom Benches, Built It tackles all things carpentry.

Qualified Carpenters Auckland
All Things Carpentry

Our Built It team will take on anything you can swing a hammer at! 

Outdoor Bars, Playhouses, Sliding Bookcases, Hidden Rooms - All bespoke projects are all welcome, and quirky projects are definitely much enjoyed! 

Affordable Builders Auckland
Project Management

Even the smallest projects may involve many subtrades. For instance, a set of stairs can involve designers, engineers, custom stair-makers, builders, floor layers, welders, painters and plasterers! 


Built It can provide one price that covers everyone and everything - your role in the project will simply be to enjoy the finished product at the end.

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Client Individuality

While Built It will always maintain a benchmark of high quality workmanship, with everything we do there will different options for different budgets.

Built It can undertake bespoke projects using less expensive materials, undertake simple projects using high  quality materials, oversee the entire project, or only be responsible for carpentry elements. We will fit in with our client in whatever role they choose us to fill , bottom line.

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Internal Carpentry Builders
Internal & External Carpentry Builders


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Expert Advice so you can make informed design decisions
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Personalised Project Management
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High Quality & Excellent Customer Care
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Genuine Fixed Prices,
Full Transparency
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